Yves Saint Laurent Launches Controversial (But Hilarious) Jewelry Line

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Yves Saint Laurent Launches Controversial  But Hilarious  Jewelry Line penis main 1 jpg

Image: YSL

It’s the holiday season, so that means a lot of people are making their gift lists. The great thing about giving gifts is that you can make it a very personal thing! You know your loved ones best, so theoretically, you should know what they’ve love to open this holiday season. A lot of us look at gift-giving as a competitive sport. We want to be the one who gives the best, most memorable gift. The one the receiver will be talking about for years to come. Sure, there are probably a few people on your list who will get generic gift cards or wine baskets. You can’t make EVERY gift you give an event in and of itself. But for the really special people in your life, like your kids and partner and best friend, you probably put more thought into it. If you’re not in the UK and can’t get that personalized photo advent calendar for your bestie, might we suggest giving them penis jewelry instead?

Fashion house Yves Saint Laurent has released a couple, um, special pieces of jewelry. Now, we normally are priced waaaaaaaaay out of shopping at YSL. Plus, some of their pieces would look a little strange at school drop-off and PTA meetings. But we’d do what we have to do to scrounge up the coin for this line of phallic jewelry. The conversations that would happen alone would be worth it.

The Yves Saint Laurent penis jewelry is exactly that – jewelry that looks like very realistic penises.

Yves Saint Laurent Launches Controversial  But Hilarious  Jewelry Line penis earrings 628x1024 jpg

Image: YSL

That is a pair of dongs. There’s no way around it. Very small, golden dongs. Fancy having dicks hanging from your ears? Then these are the earrings for you! Maybe you’re yearning for your college days (no judgement), and dicks near your face are just the right bit of nostalgia. Or maybe you’ve got a friend with just the right amount of balls (LOL) to be able to pull these off. Surely, there is SOMEONE in your life for whom a pair of penis earrings will strike the perfect chord.

But wait! You can’t have just one piece of penis jewelry. Dongs on your ears need a complementary dick around your neck. Them’s the rules.

Yves Saint Laurent Launches Controversial  But Hilarious  Jewelry Line penis necklace 628x1024 jpg

Image: YSL

Don’t worry – Yves Saint Laurent is offering you the whole phallic package. Just look long and hard at that penile pendant. Isn’t it glorious? The jewelry world has some stiff competition, but we are certain this lovely piece will rise to the occasion and make your pulse race. Obviously, you need the full set to make it work. Maybe it can be like a good omen talisman, and you can rub it for good luck! Just walking down the straight, rubbing the dick hanging from your neck.

The penis dangle earrings can be yours for just $279, and the penis pendant and chain will set you back $675. The dongs are only available in-store (probably to give employees the satisfaction of making people asking to see the penises). Put these cocks on some gift lists this year, and make sure they’re on yours.

If you decide to gift someone this lovely set of penis jewelry, promise us that you’ll record their reaction when they open the box. OMG, you can¬†literally¬†give someone a dick in a box. Please do it.