Vaccinate Your Sons With Gardasil For The Sake Of Their Future Sex Partners

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Prevention of HPV has been relegated to the girl’s corner like most aspects of sexual health, but new findings are suggesting that parents should make sure that their little boys are getting vaccinated with Gardasil too. While the direct health benefits of Gardasil to boys are considered “modest” by The New York Times, a big incentive for parents should be how the vaccine will protect their kid’s sexual partners down the line.

The Times reports that with pediatricians not urging parents of boys to get the vaccination and minimal health incentives, parents with sons aren’t really inclined in the same way that those of daughters are. Medical organizations aren’t strongly endorsing the vaccine for boys either and not all health plans cover Gardasil for them specifically because of gender. But emerging research has linked HPV to anal cancer, penile cancer, and cancers of the back of the throat and tonsils. And even though HPV doesn’t, to the best of our present knowledge, impact the number of women as it does men, there is also the lingering responsibility of limiting exposure through sexual activity. Having your son vaccinated will not only protect him from the increasing worries about cancers, but also protect any of his future sex partners from contracting the disease.

Jane Kim, an assistant professor at Harvard School of Public Health, told the paper that “You do a public service by getting your child vaccinated.”

Sexual health is not strictly a girls’ or women’s issue, nor should it be. Parents owe it to their sons to make sure that they will take to the sexual activity pool having taken all necessary safe sex precautions.


  1. Kate

    July 20, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    One of my students got a “bad batch” of the HPV drug and was rendered for years into a completely different person: she couldn’t sleep, eat, play sports, walk… it was horribly sad. She has been in PT and on home instruction. She was a lively, spunky, bright girl before the vaccine. She will likely never be the same.

    I have no inclinations to give my child any “new” drugs that aren’t required by law for this reason. Do your research.

  2. Blunt_Logic

    July 20, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    I’m glad someone has realized that Gardasil has to protect girls AND boys from HPV. The only way to prevent infection is to vaccinate everyone before they’re sexually active. I’m sick of the anti-vaccine community scaring parents off decisions that will protect their children’s long-term health.

  3. cia parker

    December 2, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    There is no reason to be so gender-neutral as to damage boys as much as we do girls. The HPV vaccines was taken off the market in Spain and India when it killed girls there: there have been over 20,000 reports of adverse events to to VAERS, 99 deaths in the U.S., over 800 paralyzed. A number of previously healthy girls have died of heart attacks shortly after getting the HPV vaccine. No one knows yet if the vaccine will really reduce cervical cancer deaths: already the numerous virus serotypes not included in the vaccine (which only includes two) are moving into the niche being left vacant. No one knows how long protection, if it occurs, will last, and girls may be left unprotected just when they reach the age when they’ll have sexual partners. Since there are so many other cancer-causing serotypes, girls will have to continue to get Pap tests. Pap tests have already greatly reduced deaths from cervical cancer in the U.S., and it is a harmless test which does not wreak havoc with the immune system. Google Zeda Pingel to read about a 14 year-old cheerleader and A-student who got the HPV vaccine and within weeks became a vegetable, unable to walk, talk, and now eats through a feeding tube and breathes through a trach. Don’t drag either boys or girls into getting this dangerous vaccine!

  4. Kaleigh MacKay

    December 3, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    Guardasil only protects against 4 strains of HPV (mainly the ones that can lead to cancer or cause genital warts) there are however 40 strains. Gaurdasil will not be effective in persons who already have one of the 4 strains.

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