In The UVA Rape Story, We Must Blame Rolling Stone And Not The Alleged Victim

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We don’t know if Jackie’s story is true or not, but trying to take down an alleged victim for getting the date wrong, the number of attackers wrong, the frat one of her alleged attackers belonged to wrong, his place of employment wrong…are these the kinds of details that turn a victim into a liar? And I am enraged – ENRAGED – by the following quotes from the Post’s story, all of which are meant to cast doubt on Jackie:

The Post asked Jackie on multiple occasions for her to reveal the full name of the two attackers she said she recognized. She declined, saying that she didn’t want the perpetrator “to come back in my life.”


Jackie said numerous times that she didn’t expect that an investigation the Charlottesville Police department opened after the article’s publication to result in any charges. She said she knew there was little if any forensic evidence that could prove the allegations two years after they occurred.

“I didn’t want a trial,” Jackie said. “I can’t imagine getting up on a defense stand having them tear me apart.”


Jackie said early in the week that she felt manipulated by Erdely, the Rolling Stone reporter, saying that she “felt completely out of control over my own story.” In an in-person interview Thursday, Jackie said that Rolling Stone account of her attack was truthful but also acknowledged that some details in the article might not be accurate.

She didn’t want to name her attackers. She didn’t want a trial. She said that some of the facts might be inaccurate. Insinuating that these are signs she wasn’t telling the truth is downright hateful towards victims. I would encourage everyone to read this story that was just published on Mother Jones before agreeing with the Post. It’s statistics like this that make me angry about the choice of facts that are being used to vilify Jackie:

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.19.32 PM

Let’s also not allow this story to make us forget that, as related to the Washington Post by Emily Renda, a sexual assault survivor specialist who works at UVA, “Research shows between 2 to 8 percent of all rape allegations are fabricated or unfounded.”

Was Jackie making up her story? Who knows. But the reasons given by for doubting her are rooted in victim-blaming cliches that will only silence more victims from coming forward. We at Mommyish stand with Jackie.




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