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The Ultimate List Of Disney Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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Sully (Monsters, Inc.)

Sully Monsters Inc

Image: Disney

Sully is portrayed as good-natured, hardworking, and confident. Despite his enormous size, he is humble. He’s a hard worker who worked his way up through the ranks of the company from the mailman to janitor to cafeteria work to can wrangler and finally to scarer. One of the defining traits of his character is his friendship with his Scaring-Assistant, Mike Wazowski. They’re best friends, roommates, incredibly devoted to each other, and help each other out. Sully’s actions prove him to be a well-meaning person who strives to do the right thing. Sully is devoted to those he cares about and will risk it all to save Boo. Sully is benevolent and protective,of those he cares about. Sully is an Angelic Irish name meaning one-eyed or hawk-eyed.

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