Twitter Users Share Their Favorite Old Commercials: How Many Do You Remember?

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#MyFavoriteOldCommercials is trending and it’s taking us on a trip down memory lane. From mouth-watering doughnut promos to creepy Charmin ads and even a Cocaine promotion, some of these old commercials were really something — and most of them would never fly today. We’re listing ten of the most memorable oldie commercials; let us know how many you can remember in the comments below!

A classic

It’s kind of a shock that the clapper isn’t huge today. After all, humans have only gotten lazier in recent years and being able to turn off your light when you’re done with your chapter or episode without getting out of bed sure sounds convenient.

You can watch the whole commercial here:

This Coke Commercial

This is a real 1971 Coca Cola commercial promoting unity, even if the Twitter user made a Mad Men reference in the post! You’ve definitely heard this song before, which makes it even more surprising that the tune originated as an old commercial! It’s as if the “Five Dollar Foot Long” song became widely known as a bop!

Watch the ad below:

Here we go again!

While you’d think an ad about a meatball might be for some new Presto sauce or pasta brand, this one’s actually for Alka Seltzer!

You can watch the old commercial below:

Modern representations of masculinity

If you never thought you’d hear Batman sing about a Pokemon, you were wrong. Those of us who remember this Saturday morning cartoon commercial always knew it was a possibility.

Watch the whole thing below:

Two come together as one

if you’re a Reese’s fan, you’ll know that there’s nothing better than chocolate mixed with peanut butter. If you’ve ever wondered how the creators of the candy figured that out, they seem to allege that in the meet-cute to end all meet-cutes, a man ran into a woman with a tub open of peanut butter. The rest is vintage TV commercials history.

Watch the whole thing here:

Shake Weight

One of the more recent old commercials on this list, many of us probably thought that this was some sort of joke when we first saw the commercials for Shake Weights. After all, it sure looks like some kind of innuendo. But, Shake Weights really did try to change the exercise game. Unfortunately, it just seemed too much like third base.

Watch it below:

The OG Shake Weight

Like the Shake Weight, Thighmaster tried to revolutionize women’s workouts. Unfortunately, people *still* can’t figure out how to advertise women’s workouts without making it overly sexual. Was this ad for the girls? Or the guys?

Watch it below:

Another vintage relic

Like the Clapper, it’s a wonder that some of these old inventions never took off in a big way. A fishing rod you can “even hang on your belt” and ONLY $19.95? Sounds like a steal to us, but we’re just wondering where and if they still sell these.

Watch the whole thing below:

Don’t squeeze the Charmin?

If the Charmin was all that good, wouldn’t it not matter if you squeezed the Charmin beforehand? Regardless, there’s something creepy about Mr. Whipple’s “Don’t squeeze the Charmin” tirade, especially because he most certainly squeezes it in every single old commercial!

Watch our personal favorite — the Western version of the “Don’t Squeeze the Charmin” below:

Cocaine 4 Kidz

This might not strictly fit into the definition of “commercial” (it’s a print ad!), but it was far too crazy *not* too share. The fact that Cavalier Pharm is marketing literal cocaine to kids saying “Nothing gives them that rise and shine, ‘get up and go’ feeling more than COCAINE,” is just too good. Also, RISE AND SHIIIINE.