For Your Own Sanity, Don’t Rush The Transition From Crib To Toddler Bed

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toddler bedMoving your baby is from a crib to a toddler bed is an exciting milestone, but that doesn’t mean you should run to dismantle the crib just because your child has reached a certain age or you’re dying to redecorate the nursery around this great quote you found on Pinterest. Transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed is basically sleep training part two, and you’ll get nothing out of rushing it except extra frustration and less sleep.

I was browsing Reddit when I came across this thread posted by a mother seeking advice from fellow parents about how to help her toddler with the transition from a crib to a bed. User ShadowStrike14 posts in part:

Last night was my 2 year old daughters first night in a twin bed, we still have her crib. (we are not able to afford a toddler bed) Needless to stay her and I (her mom) stayed in her room with her protest of wanting to play or snuggle daddy. Prior to this couple weeks back she had the flu, so to comfort her to least get sleep she snuggled with me in our room. Now she won’t go to bed without cuddling in our bed. Thus what started this.

Now I had explained to my husband because we had let this continue, it will be tougher to get her to stay in her own room. He caved (despite her being ok as I was with her) and took her to our room till she passed out. He told me we need to get her crib back together, and besides we are trying to potty train (with some luck) so its to much for her. I have tried to explain I miss time just us and I am tired of having to go to bed early just to get her to sleep. And also that she is ok, she is very smart and I know she will be ok.

Now with last night he got her to pass out in our room then brought her to her room. Around 1 am this morning I stirred awake and here I had two little eyes staring at me. (scared me half to death) Realizing it was our daughter, she came up and cuddled with us. My husband said we are putting the crib back together.

I need advice on A) getting my daughter to stay in her own room and use to her bed. B) Getting my husband to realize our daughter is not a baby but a happy toddler.

Sorry if long, this is our first child so still learning along the way. He did not grow up around little kids, but I did. So I have a little longer patience. This just upsets me as anytime she cries he goes to her rescue.

This request for advice spoke to me, because I don’t know a single parent, including myself, who can claim that their child moved from the crib to the bed without a single issue.

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