Too Little, Too Late: Madonna Aims To Be ‘Tougher’ Mom After Catching Lourdes Smoking

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lourdes smokingMadonna appeared on the Today show this morning and talked parenting. And, honestly, she sounded like a bit of a dolt. Granted, you’ve got to give her credit for being a single mother of four while still maintaining the Queen of Pop title for all eternity. But still, she hardly made herself out to be a stellar mom. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Here’s a little sampling of what she had to say.

“I don’t think I’m as tough as I should be. I think I need to be maybe tougher.”

The comment was in response to daughter Lourdes smoking a cigarette, something Madge does not approve of. This is typical teenage curiosity/rebellion, but Madonna’s response annoyed me. Hate it say it, but if you’ve been a totally lax parent for 15 years and then suddenly decide it’s time to toughen up, you’ve kind of missed the boat. (It’s like a teacher on the first day of school: start of soft and your students will devour you.)

“It’s hard… Every day is a negotiation.”

Yes, Madge, parenting does involve negotiation, but that’s no excuse for letting your kids get away with crap. My own kids are still young, and at least once a day I have to play bad cop, only to be told, “You’re so mean!” Would I rather it be all sunshine and smiles? Of course. But like all parents out there, I need to think long-term. And so, yes, discipline is a huge part of parenting.

In the interview, Madge says she doesn’t approve of anyone smoking cigarettes, “most of all my daughter.” Correspondent Harry Smith then brings up a music video of Madonna smoking, to which she responds:

“That’s just an accessory, Harry. There’s a difference. [Lourdes] smoked that cigarette before I did that video!”

Um, hi, are you eight years old? Smoke if you want, don’t smoke – I don’t care. But Madonna sounds like a child with her lame justifications. Yes, she has struggles like all moms out there; but, well, something tells me she’s not just like us.

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  1. Jen

    April 18, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    I think you are being a little harshly critical. She didn’t say she’s let her kids get away with everything, she’s pointing out the reality that some kids require tougher parenting when they are teens then they did as younger children. I’m honestly pretty neutral on Madge in general, but I think this article was mommy-shaming at it’s worst and really just sounded spiteful without cause.

  2. K.

    April 18, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Yeah, I’m inclined to agree with Jen.

    Madonna has a child who made a poor decision. We ALL have children who make poor decisions–whether it’s a 4 y.o. tantrum on the street or a 15 y.o. smoking a cigarette–that may reflect badly on us as parents, even though rebellion is inevitable when you have children.

    Madonna is NOT just like us in the sense that our children (one assumes) don’t have their misbehavior internationally broadcasted and discussed. And we also don’t generally have to justify the way we handle the inevitable to strangers. On the whole, Madonna seems to be reacting the way that I suspect I would react if I were in her shoes–she’s stating for the record that she’s not happy about the cigarette smoking but she’s also not willing to discuss the depths of how she parents (or in this case, exactly what was said to Lourdes) on national television–because that’s really between her and her family.

    And she’s clearly being flip regarding her holding the cigarette “before” Lourdes smoked.

  3. Suchende

    April 18, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    I agree with previous posters. No one really knows what kind of mom Madonna was. Lots and lots of kids try cigarettes and it doesn’t mean their parents were ineffective disciplinarians. But I bet Shawna Cohen won’t really start to understand her misplaced arrogance for at least a decade.

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