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A Health Issue Caused This Woman’s Baby Bump To Grow ‘Backwards’ But She Doesn’t Owe Anyone An Explanation

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For whatever reason, people feel REALLY comfortable commenting on a pregnant woman’s body. Do you remember those comments from your pregnancies? “Wow, you’re so big, are you sure it isn’t twins?” “Your belly is so round, you’re definitely having a boy!” It’s like pregnant women are a sideshow to be gawked at, and some people have no shame. All decorum goes right out the damn window when they see a pregnant belly! Yiota Kouzoukas says she was constantly questioned about her tiny baby bump, so she posted a picture and explanation on her Instagram to get people to back off. Seriously, just leave pregnant women alone!

Yiota’s tiny baby bump was the result of a tilted uterus. Instead of the baby growing out, like in a typical pregnancy, he grew into her torso.

A tilted or tipped uterus is a medical condition in which the uterus is tilted backwards, rather than sitting straight up and down. Women who have a tilted uterus can sometimes experience pain during sex or menstruation, but generally, it doesn’t cause many issues. A tilted uterus during pregnancy is also not typically a cause for worry; the uterus will usually flip forward at 10-12 weeks. Endometrial scarring can hold the uterus in the tipped or tilted position for longer, in some cases.

In Yiota’s case, scarring kept her uterus tilted back. Her uterus didn’t tip forward until well into her 4th month of pregnancy. As the baby developed, he grew up into her torso, rather than out into her belly. Her pregnancy progressed normally and the baby grew and developed perfectly. But her tiny baby bump raised a lot of eyebrows.

“Our bodies and bumps are all different and our shapes and sizes are all different too”. Perfectly said, Yiota.

Yiota says she got a lot of comments and DMs about her tiny baby bump. So she felt the need to explain it, and hopefully educate a few people. Why anyone would go out of their way to send a DM to another person to question their body is beyond me. But Yiota wanted to assure people that she was healthy, her baby boy was healthy, and maybe help people understand that minding their business is TOTALLY fine.

Yiota’s baby and bump are developing wonderfully, and we wish her nothing but the best during the rest of her pregnancy!

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