Time Magazine Names ’25 Most Influential People On The Internet’

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There are influencers and then there are influential people. And then there are the 25 most influential people on the Internet as identified by Time Magazine. Royalty like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex obviously have a royal claim, and join the likes of Beauty Vlogger James Charles, Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and controversial President Donald Trump. Can we say awkward? Recently Trump tweeted AOC ought to ‘go back and help the broken and crime-infested places from which [she] came,’ and in our estimation? That’s…ummm…the Bronx. Who else topped the list? Activists like Ady Barkin and Brian Kolfage as well as mega-celebrities like Cardi-B and Ariana Grande. Yes, it’s an eclectic list, but just goes to show that we all can influence the world in our own little (and sometimes very big) ways.

Say Who Again?

Some of the names on the list might make you do a double-take when you first read them. Take for instance Chris Godfrey. Who’s that, you ask? Oh, he’s the creator of an Instagram post. Why would an Instagram post be so influential? Well, because Godfrey used the post to feature the World Record Egg. He’s an advertising guy who wanted to set a world record with the rest of his fellow humans. The picture of the egg — just a single egg on a white background– gained over 53 million likes after just a week of him posting it. Godfrey’s goal had been to beat the number of likes that Kylie Jenner’s picture of her little girl had garnered (which was around 18 million at the time).

Godfrey’s campaign was so popular, the Egg (affectionately named Eugene) has continued to ‘help’ garner awareness about mental health and even partnered with DJ Khaled before his spring album release.

All Dayi Long And Twice On Sundays

Speaking of Kylie…China may have a social influencer competitor to offer in the form of influencer and entrepreneur Zhang Dayi. She has more than 11 million followers for her clothing, lingerie and makeup lines on Weibo, and she racked up sales of about $145 million in A HALF AN HOUR in China’s biggest shopping event, Singles’ Day. She’s rung the Nasdaq bell to commemorate the opening of influencer marketing startup Ruhnn, and she’s pretty much the best thing next to sliced bread when it comes to e-commerce and a hot fanbase.

Table Talk Is Better With Jada Pinkett Smith

Our girl’s taken talk to social media, and we all know that if it’s on social media, it’s gonna influence. But this is good stuff that Pinkett Smith is giving us, as she sits with her mother Adrienne and daughter (with hubby Will Smith) Willow. They talk about stuff we really want to hear about: throuples (polyamorous relationships), women who’d been forced to marry as child brides and our favorite–her husband sitting at the table with them talking about themselves. The best part is that once the Facebook Watch show is over, it keeps going for as long as fans want in the Red Table Talk’s Facebook Group.

Paving Their Own Royal Way

We’re obvs big fans of this generation’s royals. Brothers Prince William and Prince Harry and their beautiful wives and children showing the world that even the royals put their knickers on one leg at a time. But whereas Prince William, as the future king, has a bit more protocol to which he must adhere, his brother and sister-in-law the Duchess of Sussex (aka Meghan Markle) are paving their own way as they choose.

Their beautiful son Archie was not born where his cousins, father and uncle were at St. Mary’s Hospital, but instead at Portland Hospital in London. His parents are also leaving the Royal Foundation, an organization that was started by Prince William and Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan to launch their own charitable organization to pioneer for rights and causes near and dear to them. Best (for those of us who can’t get enough pics of the beautiful people) is the social media account that Prince Harry and the Duchess created to share pictures of their work and issues that they champion for. Oh, and yes, every now and then, a sweet picture of that sweet baby.

They’re a new generation of royals in a new era, and we love that they’re showing the world how they do it their way. Be sure to check the complete list of the most influential here!