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Being A Mom Doesn’t Mean I Have To Find This Taylor Swift Birth Announcement Parody Video Funny

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Being A Mom Doesn t Mean I Have To Find This Taylor Swift Birth Announcement Parody Video Funny Screen Shot 2014 04 25 at 11 17 52 AM 280x165 pngIt’s as if the gates of hell opened up this week and Satan herself sent a video upon the land. And that video contained a Taylor Swift song parodied by parents expecting an “oops” baby. Now I know what video to play if I ever decide to torture someone ala A Clockwork Orange.

Parents who make parody videos make the rest of us look bad. For the record, shooting a baby out of my vagina has not destroyed my finely tuned, dark sense of humor. Not all of us have kids and completely forget what is funny. I don’t mean to be harsh, but it’s not my fault. What came first; the chicken, or the egg? In this case, what came first; relentlessly making fun of parents or “having-a-baby” parody videos? My commentary is the effect – not the cause. Just remember that.

Before I continue, here it is.

See? It’s not me, is it? Is this funny or cute – or is it something your friend posts on Facebook that you pretend to like because you don’t want to hurt her feelings? I resent being called judgmental when I point out that things like this are stupid. I have eyes. And ears. Just because I’m a parent, doesn’t mean I have to find this funny.

People are entitled to flood the Internet with this crap, and some of us are entitled to hate it. Even if we housed a baby for nine months. I am the voice of these people. Enough folks like this stuff that my opinion means zero, anyway. So if you’re offended by it – don’t worry, your side is winning.

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