These Are The Tallest Women In Hollywood

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Kristen Johnston is one funny (and tall!) lady.

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Image: Instagram/@ms.retro365

Do you guys remember that awesome show, 3rd Rock from the Sun? It was about a family of aliens who come to Earth and try to assimilate into the culture and way of life. That show was HILARIOUS, in large part because of Kristen Johnston, who played lieutenant Sally Solomon. She stole every single scene, and not just because she’s otherworldly funny – it helps that Johnston stands 6 feet tall! Even though she’s embraced her height now, it wasn’t so easy. In an interview Johnston said, “When you’re, that, at that vulnerable age of, you know, 10, 9, 8, 11, in that age range and I was already six feet tall and a loser too, and I was loud. I think I’ve always been a freak.”

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