STFU Parents: Dads Just Want To Have Fun. Or Dadchelor Parties.

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Hi, there! It’s B. from STFU, Parents, and starting today I’ll be joining you here at Mommyish with some brand new material. Each week, I’ll put together a themed post centered around a recent news event, holiday, or random topic that I think deserves more attention than I might give it on my blog.

Kicking off the column is a Father’s Day post about the way dads share. As you may already know, dads tend to share things a bit differently than moms do. While most every set of parents focuses their status updates on their child’s development, dads tend to focus a little more on….well, guy stuff.

It starts before the child is even born. In 2011, men are finally starting to catch onto the idea of baby showers. But while moms-to-be might spend hours putting together their custom shower invitations for a day of boring diaper games, guys are inclined to do something like this, recently dubbed “Dadchelor showers”:

STFU Parents  Dads Just Want To Have Fun  Or Dadchelor Parties   man shower with keg 640x315 png

Did you know that “man showers” with kegs were in vogue? Neither did I! But apparently this is the direction dads are heading in. Men nowadays are more involved in the pregnancy, labor and parenting processes than ever before, so why should they be denied a party, right? A dude party.

Another thing that separates the way men and women share is their sense of pride. While a mom might say, “My baby rolled over for the first time!” with utter delight, dads express their pride in other ways:

STFU Parents  Dads Just Want To Have Fun  Or Dadchelor Parties   biggest dick in the family 640x510 jpg

Oh, dads. What would we do without them?

STFU Parents  Dads Just Want To Have Fun  Or Dadchelor Parties   massive thunder jpgThey make fart jokes, they brag about their son’s package, and they really just want to drink beer and collect free diapers from their friends. But at the end of the day, they deserve just as much credit as their female counterparts.

STFU Parents  Dads Just Want To Have Fun  Or Dadchelor Parties   proud daddy jpgHappy Father’s Day, dads! You have one hell of a sick sense of humor, but that’s what makes you so awesome.

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