STFU Parents: This Back-To-School Season, Don’t Be a Helicopter Mom

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6. Don’t Stalk Your Kids, Especially When They’re Old Enough To Get A Job



All right, I don’t understand this picture at all — maybe if you click to expand, there’s more in the frame than we can see here? — but I don’t see anyone’s “baby” of legal working age having a job interview. Maybe Shannon’s “baby” is in high school, and she’s posting a picture from inside an eatery as he interviews in a back office? Or maybe her “baby” is the man on the far right who looks to be much older than someone interviewing for his first job? Either way, I’m not sure this occasion needed commemorating in the form of this post. When your kid is old enough to interview for a job, do you really need to be involved in any way at all? I don’t even think a parent should pick up a job application for a kid, much less snap photos as they sit through their first interview with a potential boss. Who needs a momarazzi in the corner acting like a creeper who can’t believe her “baby” is about to get his first job? No one. Leave your kid alone, Shannon. Stay in the car or let him borrow your car or drop him off or just do anything besides this. Play Pokémon Go in the parking lot if you must. That would probably be less embarrassing, and you might even unlock a new level in parenthood by leaving your kid to navigate his first job interview completely alone. What a novel idea.

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