STFU Parents: This Back-To-School Season, Don’t Be a Helicopter Mom

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5. Don’t Pay Someone Else To Do Your Kid’s Homework

5. don't pay someone else to do your kid's homework

Yo, Light Blue, can you chill with the pragmatism and the “life skills” lecture? Purple’s daughter has a paper due at 2pm TODAY and your advice isn’t helping. Unless of course you’re best friends with Purple’s daughter’s professor, which could be a benefit. You said you’re an educator, right? Don’t all teachers know each other or something? Can you at least give a good recommendation for websites where you know kids steal college papers, since it sounds like you might be familiar with them? Now THAT would be helpful. Especially if the papers are of A+ quality and don’t cost a lot, though Purple definitely has money to throw at this problem so don’t rule out anything, even if it’s very expensive. Purple will do whatever it takes to help her baby succeed in life, even if it means posting an inquiry on an L.A. Moms Facebook group page and admitting to being totally open to paying someone to do her daughter’s college level paper for her. That’s just how much she cares! All the “life skills” stuff can come later. For now, this paper has to get done ASAP sooo WHO IS GOING TO HELP??

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