STFU Parents: This Back-To-School Season, Don’t Be a Helicopter Mom

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4. Don’t Do Your Kid’s Homework

4. don't do your kid's homework

Ahh, this submission really takes me back to an old STFU, Parents blog post about a mom who built a medieval castle for her 8th grade son. Moms who do their kids’ homework for them aren’t cheating, per se… they’re just, you know, doing all of the work for their kids and passing it off as their kids’ work! That’s all! It’s called creative parenting, look it up. Plus, how could Eli be expected to finish his science fair project if he waited until the day before it was due to finish it? Duh, he’s a child, not a wizard! Waiting until the last second is when you need Mom to step in and make it all come together. The ideas of a 40-year-old are far superior to the ideas of a child. How else was Eli supposed to place in the science fair competitions? By doing the work all by himself? Yeah, like that’s practical!

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