STFU Parents: This Back-To-School Season, Don’t Be a Helicopter Mom

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3. Don’t Be A Paranoid Mommyjacker

3. don't be so paranoid

Michelle, as glad as I am that you took the time to mommyjack Carrie’s perfectly nice, well-reasoned status update with your crazy Child Molestation rant, I do hope you realize how nuts you sound. Even if your kid’s teacher is a child molester, which is scary and rare, it has nothing to do with Carrie or her kids. Rather than leave a positive comment about how great Carrie’s kid’s school community sounds, you told her to be fearful and “take a good hard look at the teacher.” Is that really the best response when she’s clearly excited and hopeful? Is that the only thing you’re ever going to say to anyone when they talk about going to a school orientation? “Be careful, your kid’s teacher could be a child molester!” doesn’t tend to go over as well as “Good luck to D this school year, I’m sure he’ll do great!” Trust me on this.

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