STFU Parents: This Back-To-School Season, Don’t Be a Helicopter Mom

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2.  Don’t Correct Your Kid’s Homework

2. don't correct your kid's homework

While I do understand Karen’s irritation with her daughter’s teacher’s miscorrection, no wrong, if reasonable, note from a teacher can possibly look or be crazier than Karen’s spastic response. What the fuck did she do to her daughter’s exam sheet?? I’ve had this wacky submission sitting in my files for years, and I still don’t know what compelled her to be this angry about something that could’ve easily been cleared up by having a quick word with the teacher. Or by, I don’t know, writing a short, normal, adult note and attaching it to her daughter’s homework. Instead, she chose to draw no fewer than 21 passive-aggressive smiley faces after writing ‘Great Job Layla’ in red marker, trumping the teacher’s own red pen, like having a Sharpie somehow makes her notes more valid instead of more insane. All in all, Layla did a fine job on her spelling test, her teacher might want to ease up on mistaking ‘n’s for ‘r’s… and Karen is the one who really needs to grow up.

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