Remember when “Like a Virgin” came out? THE SCANDAL! A young woman, singing openly about sex and being sexual and getting hers. Madonna burst onto the scene as a sex positive pop star, and she didn’t stop with singing about that very first time. She also arguably paved the way for the next crop of artists to tackle sex positivity. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sex, liking sex, loving sex, and being unafraid to talk about it. And these 18 sex positive pop stars are making a name for themselves (and some really good music!) by putting it all out there.

Sex positive pop stars aren’t afraid to talk about sex. And that’s a good thing. Madonna rode the wave after “Like a Virgin” like a second orgasm, and we love her for it.

“Erotica”, “S.E.X.”, “Justify My Love” – Madonna may have started off as a virgin, but her catalog of sex songs is impressive. She even wrote a book about sex! She’s obviously considered the Queen of Pop, but we think she also deserves the crown as Queen of Sex.