Ah, love. That warm, tingly feeling you get when you see the one who makes your heart skip a beat! The look between two people so in tune, they know just what the other is thinking by a simple raise of the eyebrow. Feeling the warmth of another next to you in bed, and being completely comforted just by their presence. There’s nothing like it! But sometimes, even when you’ve got the love, you need some romance, too. Or maybe you don’t have the love (hi, it me), and you just want to feel warm and fuzzy all by yourself. Singles need that too! These 18 romantic movies are perfect to watch with a partner, a friend, or alone. Grab tissues though, they’re pretty much all tearjerkers.

Romantic movies will give you all the feels. They’ll make you laugh, cry, love, and cry some more. Take out first entry, for example. Titanic is romance wrapped in action, and will even (probably) make you angry!

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The doomed love affair between Jack and Rose is a heart-breaker, for sure. But I’m sorry, I don’t care what anyone says, JACK WOULD HAVE FIT ON THE DOOR. Romantic movies need happy endings, too!