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Have Baby, Will Exercise: 8 Reasons To Work Out That Have Nothing To Do With Your Weight

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5. Because you’ll sleep better.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep or find yourself very tired throughout the day, the answer may lie in getting more exercise. While it might seem counterintuitive, the National Sleep Foundation says 150 minutes of exercise a week will help you have better quality sleep. That’s less than three hours a week– so make the time to move you body and enjoy a more peaceful slumber.

6. Because exercise is good for your mind.

Whether you’re experiencing stress from dealing with major life issues or it’s the day to day grind that’s getting to you, exercise releases chemicals in your brain that can give you a more positive outlook and help improve symptoms of depression. While yoga can bring some people a sense of calm along with flexibility, for others being that still and quiet for any length of time only adds to their feelings of anxiety. But you don’t have to get your Om on to reap the mental benefits of exercise. As long as you’re moving your body regularly, you can lower your stress levels.

7. Because working out will make you a role model for your family.

When your kids see you making fitness a priority you’re providing them with a role model of how to live healthy lives themselves. My sons are only two, but when they see me coming down the stairs with my sneakers on and water bottle in hand, they point and say “Running, run, run, running.” I’m both proud of the fact that they are at long last using words and of the fact that they recognize my running gear as a ordinary part of everyday life in this house. When you raise children to view exercise as something that’s a normal, natural part of what you do as a family, you give them power to view healthy movement as its own reward instead of a chore.

8. Because working out can give you a sense of accomplishment no matter what else is happening in your life.

When life is hectic, it can be frustrating to look at your to-do list at the end of the day and feel like you accomplished none of the things you were hoping to do. Making the time to work out and following through on that promise to yourself is something to be proud of. Knowing you worked out today can make you feel less stressed out about the things you didn’t manage to accomplish and just might help give you the energy to tackle that list tomorrow.

Have Baby,Will Exercise is a column dedicated to fitness and health for moms, by a mom. As a former personal trainer, group fitness instructor and cupcake addict, I hope to encourage and motivate moms who want to make fitness a part of their lives.

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