3. A Donut

Not the one that you eat, although that would be totally fine. You just had a baby and deserve one of those too. No, I’m really talking about the donut that you sit on — ones that will keep the pressure off the stitches and make it a little easier to sit down. Try this one from Amazon.

4. BIG Underwear

Probably not your sexiest look, but who cares — you are not here for that right now. Instead, the big underwear will allow you to breathe around your bits area and this will aid in healing. No one will judge if you walk around in those mesh underwear either. So go on — get yourself some of those, too.

5. Witch Hazel

This shit will be your best friend. It’s the most soooothing stuff when your bits are sore and especially so when you’ve got stitches and a large cut down there. You can add some to your spray bottle, the frozen pad you’ve made for yourself or dab some on after going to the bathroom, or just when it starts to sting. Pick some up and you’ll be happy.

6. Numbing Spray

Because when it’s sore down there, numbing cream is kind of what you’re going to want and this stuff is great for that. Don’t be shy about spraying it where you need when it stings or if you’re about to go to the bathroom. Amazon has a few different ones, but this Dermoplast seems to be one of the favorites