Parents Unhappy That Play-Doh Cake Set Came With A Dildo Are Clearly Glass-Half-Empty Kind Of People

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Parents Unhappy That Play Doh Cake Set Came With A Dildo Are Clearly Glass Half Empty Kind Of People Screen Shot 2014 12 30 at 17 35 39 251x200 pngSome parents see penises where they do not exist. Not too long ago one mother found a bit of leftover extruded plastic stuck to the butt of a fairy princess doll and freaked out because she thought it was a penis, and now some parents are getting upset because their kids’ Play-Doh Sweet Shop Cake Mountain toy appears to have come with a dildo. But these parents at least have a point, because this totally looks like a penis.

Seriously, that is a penis. It has veins and everything! And it is an extruder designed to shoot molded Play-Doh right out the tip. It is amazing, and I cannot begin to conceive of how this toy made it out of design and development for Play-Doh without someone realizing that it looks exactly like a dildo. 

Before hiring someone to tell them whether or not toys look like dildos, though, Play-Doh should hire another few people to help run their Facebook page. The brave social media soldier currently doing the job has been having a real day of it lately, because he or she has been swarmed with angry posts from parents complaining that their Christmases have been ruined by the Dil-Doh.

There might be a bit of schadenfreude going on in my house, but I’m pretty sure this is the funniest thing I have seen since the toy giraffe that screamed like it was being murdered. And while a few parents might be furious, some others recognize this design error as the gift that it is, because how often do you find a children’s toy that amuses the parents as much as the kids?



I now want to buy this for everyone I know with kids. The kids will just think it’s a fun set for turning Plah-Doh into cupcakes, and will have no idea why mom cracks up every time a Play-Doh cookie gets frosted.

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