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Why I Took My Middle-School-Age Daughter to See Pitch Perfect 2

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Sometimes you have to break away from the pack to grow. Chloe (played by Brittany Snow) admits that she purposely failed her Russian Literature class three times because she is afraid to graduate and then leave the Bellas behind. But Chloe realizes there is life after the Bellas, and that even when she leaves Barden, the other Bellas will always be her friends.

Play to your strengths. Aubrey (played by Anna Camp) provides living proof that there is life after the Bellas.  While at Barden, Aubrey’s whole life was the Bellas but, after leaving Barden, Aubrey figures out what she is best at—bossing people around—and puts it to work developing a successful retreat center for corporations. 

It’s OK to bend the rules… a little. A cappella groups typically sing cover songs but Emily (played by Hailee Steinfeld) doesn’t want to sing someone else’s songs. She wants to write her own music and sing it a cappella with the Bellas.

It’s OK to ask a friend for help. When Becca, the loner of the group, gets the opportunity of a lifetime to give a music producer a demo, she learns that she might be more successful if she collaborates with Emily.

Don’t be afraid to love someone. Super confident Fat Amy realizes she doesn’t always have to play the clown or be nonchalant about relationships. While talking with the other Bellas about life after graduation, she realizes that she is in love.

Hard work pays off. Despite the uphill battle, the Bellas don’t give up on winning the international competition, even without the support of the university or a fan base. They also don’t let that group from “doucheland” get under their skin or mess with their heads.

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