You know that thing, when you find out that the perfect product for you actually exists? And then you sort of lose your mind a little about the possibility of getting it? This is me, right now, after discovering Phocus caffeinated sparkling water. Let me just say that again: CAFFEINATED SPARKLING WATER. Here’s the thing: I drink … a disturbing amount of sparkling water. I don’t drink soda, and flat water is weird to me. So it’s my go-to daily beverage. And I love coffee! But I don’t like hot coffee (please don’t yell at me). I only like it iced, and making iced coffee everyday, several times a day, is just not something I have the bandwidth for at the moment. So this drink? Is literally made for me. Rejoice!

Phocus caffeinated sparkling water is the best parts of both my worlds: bubbly water and caffeine.

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I cannot tell you how many times I’ve slammed a can of La Croix or Bubly (from Target, it’s excellent) and wished it did more than quench my thirst. I know there is some hate for La Croix and other brands of sparkling water. I do not understand it nor do I appreciate it, but different strokes and all that. But can people really hate on caffeinated sparkling water??

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Phocus caffeinated sparkling water has about as much caffeine per can as a cup of coffee (75mg). It’s also vegan and gluten-free, if that’s your thing. Plus, it doesn’t have any sweeteners or preservatives.

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The company uses caffeine extracted from green tea leaves to boost the beverage.  And green tea packs quite the wallop! It comes in five flavors: plain, cucumber, grapefruit, yuzu + lime, and blood orange. And obviously, the cans are cute, because Instagramability is something brands have to consider now. You guys, just IMAGINE the cocktail possibilities.

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You can buy Phocus on Amazon, $19.99 for 12 cans. They sell a variety pack, but it’s sold out, so you can only buy blood orange, plain, or cucumber at the moment. I seriously need to get my hands on that yuzu + lime, because I have margarita needs. NEEDS.

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