You Can Give Your BFF An Advent Calendar Filled With Pics Of Your Face

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You Can Give Your BFF An Advent Calendar Filled With Pics Of Your Face advent png

Image: Cewe Photoworld

Maybe you’re the kind of person who has their holiday shopping done before November even gets under way. AREN’T YOU SPECIAL? But, more than likely, you’re like us and you’re frantically putting lists together to buy gifts for your loved ones in the next 6 weeks. Kids are easy, coworkers get food and booze, and distant relatives get a gift basket. That leaves your partner if you have one, and your best friend. What to give the people in your life who deal with your shit daily and still love you? It’s gotta be good, we know that much. And it doesn’t get much better than a personalized photo advent calendar. Give them the gift of YOU, because you’re awesome.

The personalized photo advent calendar from Cewe Photoworld is eleven different kinds of over-the-top. Let’s be honest: giving anyone a gift of your own face is a bit ballsy. But when you are as amazing as you are, you have to do it! Heads up, though: Cewe Photoworld doesn’t yet offer international delivery, so you’ll need to live in the UK or have someone there to ship it to.

If you’re giving a personalized photo advent calendar, you have to act fast. December 1 will be here before we know it!

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Image: Cewe Photoworld

Using the software on the website, you can upload pretty much any pictures to hide behind each of the 24 doors. Yes, that is right. You will need 24 photos of yourself with your bestie or partner to make this happen. But the photos can be portrait or landscape, and the uploading is super easy! The cover of the calendar is a beautiful, snowy landscape. But behind each door is YOUR FACE. This is just perfect.

Now, you may be thinking, “What kind of advent calendar doesn’t have treats inside?!” If the treat of your face is not enough, don’t worry. You can also fill your personalized photo advent calendar with actual candy.

You Can Give Your BFF An Advent Calendar Filled With Pics Of Your Face kinder advent calendar 2 640x448 jpg

Image: Cewe Photoworld

For the candy-filled calendar, you choose the cover photo. And then behind each door is a delicious piece of chocolate! You can choose between a calendar filled with Kinder chocolate, Ferrero chocolate, or just regular old chocolate. You can even customize an advent calendar and leave all 24 compartments empty, if you want to take the personalization to the next level and add your own treats.

So if you’re in the UK or have someone there who you can ship this to, the personalized photo advent calendar needs to happen. And pick the Kinder chocolate, obviously. No expense spared for your bestie, right?