10 Amazing Perks Of A Summer Pregnancy

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6. Everyone Will Feel Bad For You

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Everyone felt awful for me at work the summer I was pregnant with my daughter because at one point, it was nearly 100 degrees for two weeks straight and in NY, that’s a big deal. I got Popsicles and drinks brought to me and they turned the AC up extra high in my office. You might be suffering from under-boob sweat, but being treated like a pregnant princess can turn it all around!

7. Summer BBQ Food



Grilled chicken, corn on the cob, pulled pork, watermelon, macaroni salad — all of those foods sounded amazing to me while pregnant and were everywhere I went on the weekends. It was a veritable smorgasbord for me and the fetus whenever we got invited to someone’s BBQ.

8. Easier To Eat Healthy

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Conversely, it will never be easier to eat healthy while pregnant than when local produce is in season. If you crave smoothies with fresh berries every day, you’ll have no trouble finding them at a farmer’s market or even your grocery store.

9. No Need For A Maternity Winter Coat



I never bought a maternity winter coat while pregnant with my son because they’re so expensive and I would only need it for a month or two with the way the months fell. That said, I looked like a total ass wearing my regular winter coat with only two buttons done. In the summer, you don’t need that nonsense!

10. Your Bikini Body Is Adorable



No sucking it in for you! When pregnant in a bikini, the more your belly pops out, the better. It’s very liberating to spend a whole summer going to the beach and not worrying about how your body looks.

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