Michelle Duggar Shares Audio Message To Miscarried Baby

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When the Duggars – of 19 Kids and Counting fame – distributed photos of their stillborn baby Jubilee Shalom at a memorial service a couple weeks ago, a thoughtless family member posted them on Twitter. That, of course, meant they went viral within minutes, with countless people weighing in on the appropriateness of such photos. Our take was that people should get over it; just because you can’t personally relate to the Duggars and how they choose to do things doesn’t make their pain any less real.

Now the nasty comments are surfacing once again thanks to an “audio letter” posted on the Duggars’ website. Unlike the photos, this one is intended for a wider audience (the mere fact that they posted it on their site kind of gives it away). It’s actually a video that features one of the leaked baby photos along with a four and a half-minute “letter” to Jubilee read out loud by Michelle Duggar. It begins with this:

“Dear Jubilee, mommy wanted to write a letter to my precious baby girl. You know, your name Jubilee Shalom Duggar means joyful celebration of peace. We were so thankful to God when we found out we were expecting you… So often in society babies are looked upon as a problem, trial or responsibility, but God says babies are a blessing. We do not believe that babies are a bother, a headache, or a financial drainer or a career interrupter…we love babies!”

You can listen to the rest here (warning: it’s heavy). Let the controversy begin…

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  1. Jessie

    December 31, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    Thatw as very sweet, and so touching. Regardless of my personal feelings on the matter of their having so many children (which is that they really ought to stop, just for the fact that it can’t be good for Michelle at this point), I have chosen not to weigh in on this matter with hurtful comments and intolerance. I am not a parent, nor have I ever suffered a miscarriage, but I have a few friends who are parents and have suffered the loss of a baby so I have seen how painful it is for people.

    I think this letter to her daughter is so touching, and is clearly a way to help her cope with the loss of her child. I would say every woman who has suffered the loss of a child should do something like this if they are able, and Michelle has handled her grief in such a great way considering that she is in the public eye almost 24/7.

    The way she read it seemed a little rehearsed, however I have a feeling that that is only because she also does audio book readings so it can be hard to lose that professional and rehearsed way of speaking when reading.

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