16 Ways To Make A Working Mom’s Life More Bearable

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miranda hobbes

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How do you make a working mom’s life more bearable? Let us count the ways. The thing is, does anyone ever even ask a working mom, how can I help? Not often enough, especially not if you are a work from home mom. But there are definitely ways to make a working mom’s life more bearable. Seems like if you work out of the home, people assume that you made your mom bed now lie in it.

But if you work from home, well, you don’t actually work at all. At least, that’s what people think. People have no consideration for your time or your work. They expect you to do all of your work, be the world’s most engaged mom and wife and still run all the errands, attend all the school functions, keep the clean house, meet all of your deadlines and still answer the door when someone pops over unannounced. It’s bull*hit.

The moral of the story, all moms work 24 hours a day, and we could all use a little TLC to make our lives more bearable. It doesn’t matter where you do your work at.

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