Woman Jogger Given Nickname of ‘Mad Pooper’ Because She Keeps Dropping Deuces on People’s Lawns

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You know it’s been a crappy year when people are actually rooting for the woman who relieves herself on people’s lawns.

Cathy Budde and her family are fed up with this lady’s shit (literally and figuratively). They put up a sign in their yard that said, “Please, I’m begging you, please stop”. Did it work? NOPE! The Mad Pooper saw the sign and still dumped in front of their home. This lady gives not a single fuck.

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We can’t imagine it’ll be long before The Mad Pooper is identified and caught. And lord have mercy, we cannot WAIT to hear her explanation for all of this. We love a good poop story! She’s either batshit crazy, or has the sphincter control of a newborn baby. Mad Pooper, if you’re reading this, we salute you! And we’re also really glad we don’t live in Colorado Springs.

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(Image: Screenshot / KKTV News)

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