Lesbian Couple Wins Homecoming King And Queen, Makes High School History

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Lesbian Couple Wins Homecoming King And Queen  Makes High School History  article 0 0E97C36A00000578 193 468x320 jpgPatrick Henry High School in San Diego made headlines over the weekend as they nominated their first female homecoming king, lesbian senior Rebeca Arellanonior. That Saturday evening, her girlfriend then won the title of homecoming queen!

The two teens weren’t originally planning on running for the title, but were encouraged by fellow students, teachers, and their families. The pair have received lots of support at their high school as Rebeca’s girlfriend, Haileigh Adams, described their win as “amazing gesture” to the LGBTQ community. Rebeca was also told by a teacher that “Today school is a bit better because of you girls.”

The elevated visibility and recognition of their relationship by their high school has had a positive impact on the other students as well.  A bisexual student old that a queer student’s win has improved the way she feels at her high school:

“It makes me think that you can be more open and stuff, and the way the school’s reacting to it, like, positively. It makes you more comfortable in the school, and in your environment.”

Of course, the reaction isn’t uniformly positive. Patrick Henry students who have chosen to remain anonymous find the acknowledgement of the couple to be an embarrassment and are peeved that a girl won a traditionally male title — homecoming king.

Haileigh pointed out that keeping the homecoming king and queen nominations restricted by gender is essentially unfair to queer high school students and prohibits them from engaging in the same activities as straight students:

“But there’s no other way for us to run as a couple. It’s not really fair for us not have the right to run as a couple.”

The couple have been dating since sophomore year when Rebeca came out. Congratulations to these record-breaking young ladies!


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