“Nobody’s perfect” is one of the first lessons we try to teach kids. Everybody makes mistakes. Everyone goes through some shit. But as parents, it can be easy to miss the forest for the trees. A bad day, a rough moment, or a mistake can leave us feeling like we’re not good enough. That’s why Laura Mazza’s viral post about getting through the bad moments is going viral. A lot of people really relate to her message.

Laura Mazza of the popular blog Mum on the Run posted a moving essay to Facebook last week. She talked about the things she’s gone through and overcome as a parent. It’s really resonating with people, too.

“Ive been the mum who’s card declined at the check out, and had to embarrassingly put shopping back with a line full of people.

But I survived it.

I’ve been the mum who’s child pushed another child where all eyes were on me like I was a disgusting human being

But I survived it

I’ve been the mum who has sat in her car eating junk to shield my emotions

But I survived

I’ve been the mum sitting at the doctors waiting for antidepressants, ready to tell the doctor I had failed because I thought I had

And I survived it.”

Everyone has bad times sometimes

You might remember Mazza as the mom with the insane story about farting at yoga class (multiple times. Loudly. While the teacher was adjusting her position. I am dying of secondhand embarrassment. But also when she writes a book, I will buy it.) She gets what it’s like to have a shitty day as a parent and think it’s all over, you’ve lost the race. You might as well give up.

But we all have our bad moments. Maybe we yell. Maybe we get short tempered when we want to be patient. Or maybe we let our kids watch too many videos because we don’t want to pay attention to them. Somewhere out there, a kid is eating popsicles for breakfast because its mom just wanted it to GTFO of bed and into the breakfast chair already.

Shit happens. But Mazza’s right. The bad moments don’t define us.

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(Image: Facebook / Mum on the Run)