It’s the closest we’ve come to seeing Kylie Jenner’s baby bump (if it even exists, we still don’t even know). A lot of people took this as confirmation that she is indeed pregnant. But without word from Kylie herself, all they could do was continue to speculate. Fans (and haters, let’s be honest) have been looking for something, ANYTHING, that gives the pregnancy rumors some credence.

Imaginary baby boys are the best!

But Kylie has since responded to the pictures and accompanying story in the Daily Mail. It’s not like paparazzi and tabloids are exactly known for truth in reporting, but she flat-out accused them of altering the photos.

And, just to make the tea piping hot, she went ahead and posted the first full-lenght body photo she’s shared in months.

Now, it’s still pretty hard to see anything here. She’s facing the camera head-on, she’s wearing all black, and her clothes are uncharacteristically baggy. But it sure doesn’t look like there’s a bump there. Interestingly, she posted a picture of herself with Khloe, another member of the Kardashian clan who’s dodging her own pregnancy rumors.

Fans are now literally begging Kylie to just say yay or nay in response to the pregnancy rumor. Like, the holidays are coming up. They have other things that need their attention, Kylie!

Of course, there’s always the chance she is pregnant, and the ol’ Kardashian machine is just waiting to cash in on the announcement.

Either way, it’s pretty shitty (but not at all surprising) for publications to alter photographs to sell their version of someone else’s story. If she’s pregnant, great! If she’s not, great! But it should be up to her to announce it, however she chooses to do so.

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(Image: Instagram / @KylieJenner)