A Kid Allegedly Wrecked a Bunch of Samples at Sephora, and the Debate Is Insane

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Shopping with kids is honestly the worst. They have very little patience, they want to run around all over the goddamn place, and they have a pathological need to pick up and touch EVERYTHING. But you know what? A lot of moms would never leave the house if they couldn’t take their kids shopping. It’s just the way it is, and trust me, we don’t like it anymore than anyone else. And the majority of moms go out of their way to keep their kids in line and out of everyone else’s hair. A makeup artist in Georgia has sparked quite the mommyshaming controversy, after posting a picture that she says is the aftermath after a kid destroyed some Sephora samples. There’s not a lot of context in the post, and no evidence that it was even done by a child, but that sure didn’t stop her from blaming one. And it didn’t stop commenters from weighing in, either.

Makeup artist Brittney Nelson snapped the photo in a Sephora store in Augusta, GA. She claims that a kid destroyed some Sephora samples. And the picture IS pretty gnarly.

“$1300 of Make Up Forever eye shadow destroyed at Sephora tonight due to a small child.” Hmmmm. Let’s break this down, shall we?

Now, I’m not saying a kid didn’t do this or couldn’t have done this. I have no idea, and honestly, neither does Brittney. But just from looking at the photo, I have questions. How tall was this makeup-hating kid?! I’ve been in Sephora stores, and that top row would probably be a good 4 feet off the ground. Also, why aren’t there little glittery fingerprints all over the rest of the display? Why isn’t the other makeup disturbed? How goddamn long did this allegedly take that NO ONE came over to see what the hell was going on?! A kid destroyed some Sephora samples and left behind no evidence? No trail of eyeshadow? My kids can’t eat a handful of Goldfish without leaving a trail of crumbs all over the house. I’m suspicious of this.

In her post, Brittney implores moms to shop for makeup “without your tiny humans. It’s not fun for you…or them…or the expensive product.” She clarifies that she does not work for Sephora, and claims that a mom and child were hustling out as she was walking in. Ok.

Comments on the post range from support for the mom to downright mommyshaming. It’s sort of amazing what people will assume based on a picture and story posted by some rando on the internet.

kid destroyed some sephora samples

Image: Facebook/Extraordinary Life Makeup Artistry

PARENTS ARE OUT OF CONTROL AND KIDS ARE SPOILED ROTTEN. She seems nice! But not all the comments were after the mom with pitchforks.

kid destroyed some sephora samples

Image: Facebook/Extraordinary Life Makeup Artistry

Had she any evidence, ANY AT ALL, that her story happened the way she said it did, that’d be one thing. But this all sort of reeks of cheap perfume. Plus, as some commenters pointed out, maybe that cheap perfume is covering a big ol’ mound of bullshit?

kid destroyed some sephora samples

Image: Facebook/Extraordinary Life Makeup Artistry

The whole thing is really weird. And Sephora hasn’t confirmed or denied any part of Brittney’s story. We have a picture and the word of one person, and suddenly it’s pile on moms time! I also call BS on that being $1300 worth of product. They’re testers, those don’t get sold, they get tossed! We have no idea what happened here, and neither does the person who actually started this mommyshaming debate. All we can say is, if a kid did do this, we hope they washed and sanitized afterwards. Those samples can harbor some really nasty stuff.

(Image: Facebook / Sephora)

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