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Katherine Heigl Shares Topless Photo In Honest Post About Her Challenging Delivery

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Katherine Heigl shared a touching and beautiful post on her Instagram account, in honor of her son’s first birthday. The actress and husband Josh Kelley welcomed son Josh Jr. last December, and Katherine spoke honestly about her complicated delivery.

Katherine Heigl is a mother of three, but her delivery with Josh Jr. was the first time she’d ever been hospitalized. She talks about how nervous and scared she was leading up to the scheduled c-section.

Josh Jr. had been stuck in breech position for a month before her due date, and hadn’t budged. So Katherine made the decision to have a c-section. As if the fear of never having been hospitalized wasn’t enough, things got a bit scary when Josh Jr. made his big debut.

“They numbed me up, gave me some morphine and opened me up. My doctor struggled to get him out because he was really wedged in there and not quite ready to leave the womb. When she finally pulled him out at exactly 12:33pm he didn’t start breathing and they worked quickly to get oxygen in him and start his tiny lungs.”

Katherine Heigl Shares Topless Photo in Honest Post About Her Challenging Delivery katherine baby 640x640 jpg

Image: Facebook/Katherine Heigl

Baby Josh finally took his first breath, with papa standing nearby. Today, Katherine says, he’s a big rollie pollie of a baby with a vibrant personality! “He is everything and more than I could have hoped for and he has brought our family even more joy, love, laughter, abundance, bliss and yes, exhaustion and exasperation too!”

Katherine hasn’t been such on the big or small screen lately (CBS cancelled her show Doubt after just two episodes). But she blogs regularly at Those Heavenly Days about her life as a mom to Naleigh, Adalaide, and Josh Jr.

Happy birthday, Josh Jr.! And thank you for sharing such a lovely bit of what was surely a very special day, Katherine!

(Image: Facebook/Katherine Heigl)