Kate Middleton’s Childhood Scar Might Be From A Sports Accident

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Kate Middleton s Childhood Scar Might Be From A Sports Accident article 2056022 00C927F21000044C 328 468x380 300x243 jpgKate Middleton attended a charity event recently and the big news that the royal family had to then address was about her scar. The 29-year-old Duchess of Cambridge had a three-inch scar on her head that the Palace confirmed, and then said was due to a serious childhood operation without further comment. Well, Kate’s childhood friend has offered a possible scenario that stems from her early love of sports.

Kate was a noted sports enthusiast when she attended the Malborough College in Berkshire, England. She was on the girls’ hockey team, pictured here on the left, and according to her friend, sustained an injury to the head when she was 14 or 15.

The unnamed childhood friend says that the future Duchess was then taken the hospital by her mother to have an operation following the injury.

The Palace hasn’t confirmed such a story, but if the Princess spent a good chunk of her teens recovering from such a physical trauma, it’s understandable that she wouldn’t be eager to discuss it.