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Moms Are Sharing Their Expectation Vs Reality Birth Photos To Show Kate Middleton Is Superhuman

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I think it goes without saying that life for Kate Middleton looks just¬†slightly¬†different than it does for you and I. I mean, I’m not part of a royal family. Are you? Didn’t think so. Ever since the birth of the third royal baby, when the Duchess strolled out of the hospital hours after giving birth looking better than I do on my best day, people can’t stop talking about how superhuman she is. Or appears to be, at least. We all know the reality of what was happening below her waist, don’t we? I would never actually compare myself to Kate, and think ANY woman who delivers a baby in ANY way is a goddamn rock star. But it is really funny to see the difference between Kate after childbirth, and the rest of us schmucks, LOL. These memes from “real” moms made my day.

Kate Middleton strolled out of that hospital looking like a goddess. Moms everywhere were like, …HOW. Well, a full dream team of makeup artists and assistants and the best medical care in Europe, for starters.

Hard to compare yourself to someone who has that sort of help at their fingertips. But it’s pretty funny to see the expectation vs reality of childbirth.

Rocky’s face is too real. Resembles what our nethers looked like, LOL.

Just give me an icicle pad and a peri bottle and don’t ask me to stand or poop, thank you very much.

Sleep when the baby sleeps, that’s the rule, right?

I think we can all relate to that dazed and confused look on her face, right? “I’m sorry, how much does the human I just pushed out of my vagina weigh?!”

Just roll me to the car and don’t laugh when I try to sit down.

After the birth of my second, which was fast and furious, my face was covered in petechiae. I looked like I face-planted on the asphalt going 30 miles an hour. I have ONE picture of myself after she was born, and it still makes me cringe. But it also brings me immense joy and fills me with pride. Yes, I may have looked like I had leprosy. But goddamn it, I just pushed a fully-formed PERSON out of a very small hole. So I will pat myself on the back forever, and you should, too! And so should Kate. After she’s had a bit of a lie-down.

(Image: Instagram / @kensingtonroyal)