Kate Gosselin Posted a Picture of the Kids and Of Course, Everyone Wants to Know About Collin

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Well, it’s been a while, but it’s time for the newest episode of “WHERE’S COLLIN??!”. In case you haven’t been following Kate Gosselin, allow me to catch you up to speed. A few years ago, Kate made the decision to get Collin the help he needs, and he’s been spending time at a residential facility that deals with behavioral issues. Around the same time she made that news public, she said she wouldn’t be commenting much on it, out os respect for Collin and what they’re family is going through. Which … yes? Good decision? Obviously, the decision to have Collin live away from the family couldn’t have an easy one. But for some reason, people REALLY hate Kate for it. And every chance they get, in every picture of her kids, there are the “Where’s Collin?” people.

This time, Kate posted a picture of 5 of the 6 sextuplets, celebrating their upcoming 14th birthday. FOURTEEN. Can you even?! She even made a comment in the caption, alluding to the fact that some of her kids didn’t want to be in the picture. But is that good enough? Nope.

Kate Gosselin posted the photo of some of the kids on Instagram.

The caption reads, “Rainy day ice cream…. #HowAreMyBabiesTurning14#LoveThemAll (even the ones who refused to be in the pic?)”. She says it RIGHT THERE. Nowhere does it say Collin isn’t there, or locked in a dungeon somewhere, or that he’s been removed from the family. He’s probably there! And maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t want to be photographed. Some of his issues stem from anxiety, and maybe he’s decided he doesn’t want to be on social media. And maybe his mom is just honoring that!

Or maybe, as theorized by the Comment Section Police, she hates him and doesn’t unchain him from his prison even for birthdays and holidays.


kate gosselin

Image: Instagram/@kateplusmy8

Kate should really check to see if her house is bugged, because so many people seem to think they know what’s going on! And maybe that first person should, uh, google how Jon is doing before they say that.

kate gosselin

Image: Instagram/@kateplusmy8

That empty chair seemed to bother a lot of people? Like Kate Gosselin left it empty to symbolize the child she’s thrown away. OR, she was sitting there and that’s why it’s empty. Either one is possible, I guess. But not everyone was on the Bash Kate Train to Collinsville.

kate gosselin

Image: Instagram/@kateplusmy8

Would you look at this person making sense? Don’t they know this is the internet and that kind of talk doesn’t fly here? Anywho, happy almost birthday, Gosselin kids! And COLLIN.

(Image: Facebook/Kate Plus 8)

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