The Royal Secret Is Out! Duchesses Kate And Meghan LIKE Each Other. Gasp!

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The Royal Secret Is Out  Duchesses Kate And Meghan LIKE Each Other  Gasp  1200 meghan kate png

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Surely you’ve heard or read on the Interwebs that the Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle…aka the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex, respectively are not fond of each other. No, to read it in the fishwrap tabloids, they can’t stand each other and only put on smiles for appearances because it’s the royal thing to do. Both being commoners and all (and one an American at that, gasp!), they don’t want to stir any extra pots. But it turns out that Kate and Meghan don’t fit those personas at all, and according to a source with Hello Magazine (according to the Daily Mail), the sisters-in-law find each other quite lovely and text each other all the time.

Don’t Call Me; I’ll Text You

Yes, you’ve read that right. Even though you’ve of course always got those haters that love a good Kate cat fight (the added element of it being a royal fight even better), seems that just as Princess Diana’s close relationship with her sister-in-law (and often royal outlaw) Sarah Ferguson was high-profile, these daughters-in-law of hers share a similar bond.

No, there’s no royal feud. In fact, the source from Hello Magazine says that they really have a lovely friendship and that as Meghan married Prince Harry, they’ve gotten closer. Of course, sharing parenting tips certainly has them texting each other as well, now that they’re both raising children with royalty in their bloodlines. Why wouldn’t Kate and Meghan text each other? Even if they were feuding, odds are they have joint obligations and texts make communication easier!

Haters Always Gonna Hate

And of course, you’ll always have those haters who are always gonna call any friendly glances…

The Royal Secret Is Out  Duchesses Kate And Meghan LIKE Each Other  Gasp  wenn35812056 jpg

Image: John Rainford/WENN

or smiles…

or shared conversations…

The Royal Secret Is Out  Duchesses Kate And Meghan LIKE Each Other  Gasp  56842951 699795523756644 8146620813738271920 n jpg

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or genuine admiration…

The Royal Secret Is Out  Duchesses Kate And Meghan LIKE Each Other  Gasp  33885473 454312535027438 2746005452574687232 n jpg

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…publicity stunts, it seems like those who deny the authentic twinkles in the ladies’ eyes as they share common experiences are just never going to be happy.

The Hello Magazine source says they talk regularly and text often, and that Kate has wanted to be sure that Meghan felt welcome into the oft-intimidating family.

So, can we all just agree that it’s nice for family to be friends, regardless of their celebrityhood or royal titles, and for us to see all the fun family pictures that could come of it? Isn’t that much nicer than constantly looking for the claws, considering both of these women seem to have the dignity and grace that will constantly leave many wanting?

Besides? It’s lots more fun to think of them bonding together as gal pals who are soaking up every minute of their amazing lives, husbands and families. Pictures are cuter too! (And Kate wearing earrings is not disrespectful! Stop that gossip right now!)