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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Relapses After Wife Mara Lane Suffers Miscarriage

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Actress Mara Lane experienced the tragic loss of a much-wanted pregnancy last week. It was a devastating experience for her and her entire family. This weekend she posted a very sad announcement to her Instagram, and said that her husband, Jonathan Rhys Β Meyers, who is a recovering alcoholic, had suffered a relapse after the loss.

“With much sadness, we open our hearts to share that J and I lost our second child, who was baking in the oven,” Lane wrote. “Child was very very much wanted (right now especially by J, so he took the news particularly not so well) and we are still working with coping skills over here… when life throws us curve balls such as these.”

Meyers is the star of Velvet Goldmine, The Tudors, Bend it Like Beckham, Gormenghast, and countless other very good films and TV shows. He’s also struggled with severe depression and alcoholism for a very long time.

“Depression is a real concern from past abuse as well as alcoholism which he was born with. He has been able to turn any ugliness and hurt in his life into art and is the strongest person I know,” Lane wrote of her husband. “I do not know anyone who has been through what he has been through and reached his level of successes. It does seem though that every time we seem to be making so much progress… sometimes it’s like two steps forward, one step back.”

Paparazzi photos

Lane’s announcement came shortly after photos circulated of Meyers being removed from the Dublin airport this weekend, seemingly too intoxicated to fly. Those photos and the resulting publicity must have been gutting to Lane, who was already going through so much. She wrote that she thought the paparazzi who took the photos were “slightly in the wrong,” but she says she doesn’t know what their lives are like or what they’re going through, or if they’re just trying to support their families.

“We forgive you,” she wrote.

Lane’s a very strong person to be able to be forgiving and gracious at a time like this, especially since she and Meyers have a 9-month-old son, Wolf. Going through this kind of loss and family difficulty in the public eye, while caring for a baby, must be extraordinarily difficult.

Lane wrote that Meyers was staying with a sober living companion and a bodyguard at the moment, because there is a months-long wait to get into a hospital facility in Ireland.

“Life is life. Life is beautiful,” Lane said in closing. “Life is tough sometimes though so let’s try not looking down at someone unless we intend on helping them up.”

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