Jessica Simpson Continues To Exploit Her Daughter’s Insane Adorableness At Another Promotional Event

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jessica simpsonLast week, it was backstage home movies to promote her reality show, Fashion Star. This week, Jessica Simpson is bringing her seriously cute little one Maxwell to a promotional event at a mall in Charlotte, North Carolina, guaranteeing that the PR stop is sure to get some added attention.

There’s no doubt that Simpson’s daughter is aborable. I mean, she has pinchable cheeks and a Bam Bam inspired hairdo. To steal from the best thing Alicia Silverstone has ever done, Maxwell is giving people toothaches, cuz she’s just so sweet. But there’s also no doubt that Jessica Simpson can afford a freaking babysitter. Can a promotional event at a department store really be that fun for a toddler?

It’s really just the latest example of the way that some celebrities choose to incorporate their children into their public persona and into their career. And these types of events aren’t even comparable to simply selling the first photos of baby to People so that you won’t be hounded by paparazzi for months. This is more than that. This is frequently putting your baby out there as a marketing ploy while promoting your business endeavors.

At Mommyish, we are frequently critical of the way that tabloids cover celebrity pregnancies and motherhood. But there is no doubt that this type of behavior by certain celebs promotes some of the worst of tabloid culture. It is hard to argue that celeb children and families should be off-limits, except for when that celebrity has a product, TV show, or fashion line to promote.

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  1. Frances Locke

    March 25, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    I see what you’re saying but maybe she genuinely doesn’t like to leave her baby with someone else. I know quite a few parents who are like that even though they definitely have the money for not only a sitter but a full time nanny. I’m just being the devil’s advocate here, you are probably spot on, but I like to give the benefit of a doubt.

  2. once upon a time

    March 25, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    I guess you’re gal pals with Jessica Simpson and she told you that it was all a marketing ploy, hey? No? You just see a mother out in public with her child and assign her the worst possible motives for shits and giggles? And you write for a feminist parenting website? Wow.

    If the worst you’ve got is, “Jessica Simpson Takes Her Child Somewhere Instead of Getting a Baby-sitter” then Simpson must be a fucking excellent mother. And no one likes a mean girl Lindsay.

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