Oh Noooooo, JELL-O Made Edible Slime

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OK, we were under the impression that the slime craze was drawing to a close. There was a very treacherous summer of slime where we were pretty sure our kids were going to actually turn into slime. We spent an insane amount of money on baking soda and contact solution. AND DON’T EVEN WEAR CONTACTS. Slime was everywhere. Little tubs and jars of it stacked all over the house like some sort of juvenile apothecary lived here. We found it in sheets, in hair, in clothes, and all over the floor. There were even slime swapping play dates. It was intense, and we were thrilled when their interest started to wane. But now, here’s some the stuff of nightmares. Have you heard of JELL-O edible slime? So sorry, but it’s a thing that exists.

We love JELL-O. JELL-O has never steered us wrong. So how DARE they put foist this atrocity upon us? If there’s one thing slime had going for it, it was that it wasn’t edible. Because as much as our kids loved it, they would have eaten enough to put them in the hospital. But now, we don’t even have THAT. Now you can buy slime they can make a mess and ruin their dinner with. SO AWESOME.

JELL-O edible slime comes in two delightfully disgusting flavors: Unicorn (strawberry) and Monster (lime).

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Making slime at home can be messy, and apparently, sort of dangerous. So we can totally see the appeal of an easy slime mix like this. Plus, there’s really no measuring. If your measurements aren’t right in a homemade batch of slime, you’ll end up with a rock or a bowl of runny goop. So for beginners, or young kiddos, this is awesome! All you do is add water, and voila: the perfect batch of slime they can twist, pull, rip, and yes, EAT. They can eat it. Your kids and our kids and all kids will absolutely be eating this stuff.

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Another thing JELL-O edible slime has going for it: apparently it cleans up with nothing but soap and water.

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If you’ve ever tried to get slime out of clothes, carpet, or upholstery, then you know the fresh hell that is. It doesn’t come out, not fully. You’ll always have a little reminder of the slime accident that made your eye twitch for a solid week. But this stuff is just gelatin and food starch, so theoretically, it should wash right out. If you think you might want to take a chance on edible slime, you can buy it on Amazon for $9.99.

Whatever your feelings are about slime (we hate it), you have to admit this is a pretty solid idea. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come up as one solid blob when your kid eats too much and pukes.