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8 Hypocritical Things All Parents Do

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5. Climbing on things.

chair climb


Of course you own a stepladder, but when you need to get the big serving platter down from the top shelf of the cabinet, it’s so much faster and easier to just hop up onto the counter. The same goes for dusting and killing spiders on the ceiling.

6. Refusing to share.

back off


Your kids know that if they can’t share a toy it gets taken and no one gets to play with it, no matter who it technically belongs too. But there’s no way you’re going to let your sister borrow your brown suede boots for that date this weekend. You just know she’ll step in a puddle and ruin them, and they look better on you anyway.

7. Being mean to others.



We teach our kids that it’s not nice to say mean things about other people, but that doesn’t stop us from snarking about co-workers. And grown-ups can be downright nasty to each other over the internet.

8. Going to bed on time.



When your child pleads for just ten more minutes before lights out, you stand your ground and tuck them in. But even though you know you’ll be cranky in the morning if you don’t get to bed at a reasonable hour, when you crawl under the covers, clearing your Netflix queue is suddenly of the utmost importance.

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