Hilary Duff Slams Body-Shamers Who Pick Apart Her ‘Flaws’ With Cheeky Swimsuit Photo

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Hilary Duff is on vacation from filming Younger, and she’s enjoying herself on the beach with her son, Luca. One thing she’s not enjoying is the way paparazzi take pictures of her ass to sell to tabloids for articles about her “figure flaws.”

Duff is not taking the body-shaming lying down. She’s also not going to let the jerks or the tabloids ruin her vacation. Today she got out in front of the “figure flaws” story. Duff posted a photo of herself in a bathing suit on the beach, and proudly told all the body-shamers that they could kiss her ass.

“I am posting this on behalf of young girls, women, and mothers of all ages,” she wrote. “I’m enjoying a vacation with my son after a long season of shooting and being away from him for weeks at a time over those months. Since websites and magazines love to share ‘celeb flaws’ – well I have them!”

It is ridiculous that people are zooming in on celebrity legs looking for a speck of cellulite. Celebrities are people. Hilary Duff is just trying to enjoy a vacation with her kid.

“You guys (you know who you are!) already know how to ruin a good time, and now you are body shamers as well,” she said.

What sad trolls are finding problems with Hilary Duff’s body, anyway? She is an actually TV-hot person. Unfortunately we live in a world in which a dude can write a manifesto about finding his totally hot, average-sized wife attractive and act like he’s breaking boundaries. So yeah, there are probably people out there looking at a conventionally attractive female celebrity like Hilary Duff and going, “But she has cellulite!”

90 percent of women have cellulite. Even celebrities. Even actual runway models have cellulite. It’s just the way most women’s bodies store fat. Nobody should be getting criticized for it.

“Ladies, let’s be proud of what we’ve got and stop wasting precious time in the day wishing we were different, better, and unflawed,” Duff wrote.

She finished with a hashtag for the shamers: #KissMyAss.

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(Image: Instagram / @HilaryDuff)