These Are Pinterest’s Predictions For The Two Biggest Hair Colors In 2019

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These Are Pinterest s Predictions For The Two Biggest Hair Colors In 2019 hair trends png

Image: Pinterest Pin Picks

Pinterest is one of the spaces on the internet where you can find almost anything. So of course, it’s a go-to resource for ideas from food to beauty. When it comes to beauty, Pinterest is a great space for ideas on hair styling. If you’re looking for a way to change up your normal hair routine, you can devote boards to anything that tickles your fancy. While there are many boards out there devoted to things like haircuts and styles, hair color is also popular. Since it’s the end of the year, Pinterest is releasing their trend forecasting report for 2019. And they are predicting two very surprising hair color choices will be popular next year.

According to Pinterest’s 100 Trends for 2019 report, gray and lilac.

With an average of 250 million people visiting Pinterest each month looking for ideas, they are definitely an authority on trends. Since they’re keeping track of what people are pinning to their billions of boards, we know we can trust them.

When it comes to gray, searches have seen a 879 percent increase during 2018. Which likely means that women are looking for ways to embrace their natural gray hair. Gray hair looks cool, so it’s nice to see women begin to embrace it. Embracing the gray hair is awesome no matter your age. But, since there was a gray hair trend in the last few years, there’s also a chance women are looking to color their hair gray instead.

Along those same lines, the other popular hair color search is lilac. It’s not that far off from gray in terms of color, but it does have more purple undertones. And it’s likely going to be even more popular — searches have seen a 1077 percent increase over 2018. Even if only a quarter of those women go through with it, you will see a lot of women sporting lilac hair. Coloring your hair pastel colors isn’t a new trend, it’s just that the color changes every year or two. Lilac is just the next in line.

“2019 is about mixing natural styles with pows of gloss and color,” notes the Pinterest trend report.

In addition to these striking hair colors, Pinterest is predicting that “baby” or cropped bangs are going to be another popular hair trend in 2019.

Looks like hair is going to have a fun year!