My Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Celebrity Moms

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As silly as it sounds, I know many of us have a few celebrity moms.You know, the ones who embody some idea or another that you appreciate. Personally, I love Sandra Bullock, and Calista Flockhart. They’ve both adopted, they’re both notoriously private about their lives, and are well-known philanthropists. It’s not hard to think they’re pretty cool.

But then there are the celebrity parents that you love to hate. Or maybe you like them, but they’re just not the people you would sit and gush about with your mom friends. They’re your guilty pleasure celebrity moms. Here are five of mine and why they’re guilty pleasures.

4. Tori Spelling

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I’ve loved Tori Spelling ever since she played the loveable geek Violet on Saved By The Bell. That being said, she isn’t exactly a media darling as of late. Between a high profile affair with a married man that led to her current marriage, to a mess relationship with her mother and being left pretty much broke when her super-rich dad died, she’s had a hard run. But even though she can come off as grating and superficial occasionally, I really enjoyed her various reality shows (I know, now you have another thing to judge me on).

3. Kate Gosselin

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Okay, judge me all you want, but I’m sticking by this one. Yeah, Kate came off as a total hard ass on Jon & Kate Plus 8, but who wouldn’t when they’re chasing around eight tiny little people, six of whom are going through the terrible twos? Kate had to get shit DONE, and lame old Jon wasn’t helping (unless you count being a mouth breaking asshat as help). And need I state the obvious? They were on a reality show, those things always edit people to look awful.

2. Octomom

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No, this isn’t going to be some kind of misguided, half-assed attempt to defend Nadya Suleman. NOPE, this chick is CRAY to the CRAY. But I kind of feel sorry for her. I think there are obvious mental health concerns, and it seems like everyone she’s come in contact with has taken advantage of it in some way. First, the doctor who agreed to keep giving her IVF, then the media, and even her own family, if certain reports are to be believed. The real people suffering are her kids, and for their sake I hope Suleman gets some real help (and not TLC’s brand of “help”).

1. Tan Mom

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Tan Mom puts the “hot” in “hot mess,” and I love her for it. Who couldn’t love a woman who made THIS happen: