If someone came up to me while I was wrangling a toddler in the grocery store and asked to take their picture, I would probably murder them. (Or I would tell them I was an Instagram star and thus would have to be paid for my image.) But for mother-of-four Jess Wolfe, this photo a stranger took of her at the grocery store with her kids is a prized keepsake and a precious memory.

Wolfe posted on Facebook that she went to the grocery store this week with her four kids. Going the grocery doesn’t sound like an ordeal until you have kids, and the idea of managing it by oneself with four very small kids sounds like one of the trials of Hercules.

But Wolfe had a coupon that was about to expire, so she packed up a 7-year-old, a 6-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a 6-month-old, and she went to the Aldi.

It was the kind of crazy trip we all have sometimes. The 6-year-old was using everything in the store as a weapon. The 7-year-old was in possession of a dollar. So he had to know how much everything in the store cost because he wanted to spend it The 3-year-old was demanding to be given back the doughnut she’d said she didn’t want at lunchtime. And the baby was being fussy. Ugh.

Trying to buy groceries with four people demanding your attention all at once.

Wolfe was trying to wrangle all the kids and bag her groceries, when a woman came up and asked if she had “one of those phones that takes pictures.”

Wolfe was completely annoyed at having a fifth person demanding her attention in the checkout line, but she said she did have a phone that took pictures.

The other woman said she wanted to take a picture of Wolfe with her kids at the grocery store.

“She told me that she wishes she had photos of herself doing every day things with her kids,” Wolfe wrote. “She validated the fact that a simple grocery trip is hard. She told me that what I do matters. She doesn’t miss what made the days hard, but she misses what made them sweet. I will always cherish this picture and the message that came with it.”

Sweaty, baby strapped to my back, three year old insisting that her belly hurts and NEEDS her donut that she forgot to…

Posted by Jess Wolfe on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The photo is really sweet. And it is a great memory. Everything was crazy, but a nice stranger recognized that. And it is a great photo! Wolfe looks really happy. Overwhelmed, but happy. And her kids look adorable.

People are loving the photo and story, too. Since Wolfe posted it on Facebook, 25,000 people have shared it. More than 4,000 people have commented. Everyone really relates to being the mom at the grocery store.

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(Image: Facebook / Jess Wolfe)