Further Exploitation Of Courtney Stodden: Her Mother Is Her Manager

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In case you needed further evidence that Courtney Stodden‘s parents have exploited their 17-year-old daughter in a publicity stunt marriage and elective plastic surgery, consider that her mother is now she and Doug Hutchison‘s manager.

Courtney and her 51-year-old husband are in the works to do a reality show, and Daily Mail reveals that Courtney’s mother Krista Keller, is the couple’s manager. She points out that the show will explore generational differences — which is a more benign way of saying that she’ll be titillating audiences with an intimate view of her daughter’s marriage to a much older man:

According to Courtney’s mother Krista Keller, who also manages the couple, the series will mainly be about the effects of their marriage on their families, and the issues they come up against.

She told E!: ‘It’s going to show people what they can teach each other from different generations.

‘They’re going to touch on family issues. There was a lot of judgment about their marriage from Doug’s side of the family, so it will touch on bringing families back together and why it’s important to support family members even if you don’t agree.’

Doug Hutchison was promptly dropped by his original manager after he married the then 16-year-old. Luckily, Courtney’s mother is there to look out for his new career as husband to a child bride.



  1. Eileen

    September 27, 2011 at 10:59 am

    Can we please stop giving this couple attention? That’s the ONLY reason they’re able to promote their weirdness – because people give them press.

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  3. Carliss Kamerzell

    October 15, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    How can this woman be proud of the madness her child will face. No amount of money will be able to save her daughter.. She should be ashamed of herself. This is child abuse!!!

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  5. jane Gray

    July 18, 2012 at 3:57 am

    Sign of the times, her mother takes over, they all make money off this bimbo child. The really crazy about this is that she is not even pretty. She bleaches her hair, has long thin legs, with very little shape to them, she has fake boobs, she over uses makeup like a child, and this person she married looks famine and soft. That scull cap is to hide his bald head no doubt. This whole thing is a freak show that is sick.

    Get a real life and grow up both of you, all of you to include your mother? She’s no mother , she would not prostitute out her daughter like this.

  6. Krista is a Joke

    October 4, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    And as you can see, she’s done such a BANG-UP job getting him work. They have a ‘fan’ who salivates over them 24/7, who has taken to going on many sites BEGGING for work for Doug, and thinking that every word that drips from Courtney’s thin, frosted (now bright red) lips is GOLD. His manager AND agent dropped him, his entire family want nothing to do with him, and NO ONE IN HOLLYWOOD wants anything to do with the show they were trying to put together, which is why they took to the internet and made their own. The ONLY gig they could get was one they’d turned down last year! (PS–Doug’s previous two marriages last about 2 years each, so, in May, we’ll see about where they are—he’s a physically abusive alcoholic whose exes want NOTHING to do with him)

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