Father’s Day is fast approaching, and that means lots of scrambling to figure out what your dad wants and maybe sitting thru dinners filled with goofy dad-jokes. OK, maybe that’s not what it’s like for everyone, but it is for some folks. And in our technologically-dependent age, what’s a better way to prep for the big day than by perusing some great dad-related memes? Sure, they aren’t all filled with the highest brow humor out there. Some of them might even be a bit inappropriate (even NSFW at times, depending on your job).

Either way, we bet that these father’s day memes will make you and your dad smile.

For the father and child who are both deeply obsessed with Game of Thrones

Imgur / BodyofaGodBuddah

Image: Imgur / BodyofaGodBuddah

This one is for the dads in the middle of parenting toddlers. I sure can relate.

Imgur / breengirl

Image: Imgur / breengirl

This one’s a tad…ahem…crass, but I mean, hey. It’s true, right?

For the dad who’s trying to be cool, but still falling a bit short.

For the dad who’s still got it, but he’s just hiding it under the cardigan. (He probably has full sleeve tattoos under there as he heads to his accounting job, too.)

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Because there’s always room for a little Star Wars humor on Father’s Day, right?

OK, OK, one more…because puns! And Star Wars!