Not A Regular Mom, A Cool Mom: It’s Totally OK To Dress Your Baby Up Like A Little Doll

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Probably the best reason to live vicariously through baby clothes is that baby clothes are comparatively inexpensive, which makes them an acceptable impulse buy. OK, not all baby clothes are cheap. I saw a darling little dress for a 3-month-old girl in the window of a Baby Dior store and laughed for three days straight when I saw that it cost $700. But in general baby clothes tend to be within the range of an occasional splurge in a way that adult clothes are not. Last fall I wanted a shearling jacket, but shearling jackets were having a moment and as such even decent vintage ones could not be found for under $1,000. But then I found the exact same jacket for a baby for $25. It looks cuter on her, and I have too many me-sized jackets anyway.

Baby fashion is great, because they are so cute you cannot mess it up. (Well, you can. But as long as you avoid the “Future Trophy Wife” and “Sex Machine” onesies, you’re probably OK.) Go ahead and experiment with your ruffles and studs. Polka dots with plaid? Six plaids at once? Onesies with nerdy sayings? Dressing your baby all in neutrals like North West? Wearing only leggings with pink dragons? Sure. The baby doesn’t care. Go to town.

If you feel compelled to dress your baby up in absurdly cute things, go for it. Match the baby’s outfits to yours. Dress the baby in theme outfits every day. Get way too into holiday dressing. Because there’s a very, very short window of opportunity to do so. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

I am a big believer in letting children pick out their own clothes. Dressing oneself can be great fun, and I think children who want to mix prints and wear not-matching shoes and wear scarves on their heads to pretend they have long hair should be allowed to do so. But babies don’t have opinions about clothes, which makes babies basically the best dolls ever. Dressing up babies is tremendous fun. Enjoy it while it lasts, because eventually your child is going to start having opinions, and you will have to get yourself an American Girl doll or a small dog if you want something to play dress-up with. I recommend a hairless cat, because they need to wear clothes in the winter anyway.

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