12 People Who Are Mad The #JusticeforEricGarner Protests Ruined The Christmas Tree Lighting

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7. Not the atmosphere!!eric garner protest christmas tree lighting 13If the protesters could just be so kind as to avoid protesting in the month of December to keep from ruining the holiday atmosphere, that would be great. Oh, and January is New Year’s; February is Valentine’s Day; we’ll rule out March and April for general Easter/springtime inconvenience; Memorial Day is in May; no one wants their summer vacation ruined by protests so we’ll just skip June-July-August too; September gets you Labor Day; October is Halloween; November is both Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving … so protesters, if you could please work around just those few months and find a time that’s convenient for everyone else, that’d be great.

8. Not enough sad emojis in the world to express Stephanie’s feelings

eric garner protest christmas tree lighting 10It broke Stephanie’s heart, which matters way more than Esaw Gardner and her family’s hearts being broken by losing a husband and father!

9. Poor tourists

eric garner protest christmas tree lighting 4Miranda comes right out and says the subtext to much of the Christmas tree lighting indignation: to her, money > the lives of black men.

10. Please?eric garner protest christmas tree lighting 9It’s your right, but come on, can’t you do it someplace or sometime that no one else cares about? That would make it a lot easier for Geff to ignore you and get on with his own Christmas festivities.

11. Protest right

eric garner protest christmas tree lighting 11


It’s very disappointing that Aleesha doesn’t go on to enlighten us on what it would entail to ‘protest right’. Also, I’m sure she’s quite right that the guy that Christmas is supposed to be about celebrating would never have ruffled any feathers. And especially not by going into a sacred place and flipping a bunch of tables to show his righteous indigation, that’s for sure.

12. Selfish

eric garner protest christmas tree lighting 8

Gianna wants everyone to take a look at this image of selfishness, and, well, I’d have a hard time not agreeing with her that some seriously selfish assholery is on display here.

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